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Learn how to compose incredible food photos that stand out from the crowd

What if you could walk into every single food photo shoot with a clear vision of your composition, and walk out with photos that get your work noticed?

Here's a secret: you can

I'm sharing all my composition secrets

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Does any of this sound familiar?
Does any of this sound familiar?

You're sick of winging it in your photo shoots, hoping for the best, but not seeing results

Together, we’re going to learn the skills you need to allow your creativity to flourish. It’s time to get excited about your work again.

You want to get your work noticed but you’re stuck in a creative rut.

Stop doing the same old things over and over and learn to use new techniques to find your signature style and keep your work fresh.

You take hundreds of snaps per shoot and still don’t like any of them.

I'm going to teach you how to effectively plan your photos, so you can nail your composition every time.

You want to learn better composition, but you're overwhelmed with all the information out there.

I hear ya! That's why I'm sharing everything in one step by step system that guides you through from the foundations to advanced, professional techniques.

You're ready for the next level in composition.

When your work stands out, so do you. I’m going to teach you the composition skills to take your images from good to great.

The truth is
understanding composition is the key to confidently and consistently producing amazing work.
Just imagine if you could...

Well my friend, you don't need to imagine...

All of the above is possible. Enter my secret weapon:

Food Composed Course Logo
Food Composed Course Overview

Get access today, exclusively as part of Food Photography Academy

Food Composed is the all-in-one composition and food styling system, that I've used to develop my work and build a successful food photography career.

Lauren Short Food Photographer and Stylist

Good Photos don't just "happen"
There are design principles and rules for a reason.

In this course we’re going step by step through the composition process, so you’ll learn how to arrange every element of your frame intentionally.

I'm sharing the composition tools professional food photographers use to create stand out photos every time. No more guessing how to set up your photo scenes.

Learn how to evolve your style as you build on the tools and techniques we’re learning.

Bring your vision to life with the powerful composition techniques we’re going to learn.

Let's take a trip down memory lane...

I'm opening myself up to embarrassment so you can see just how powerful the techniques in Food Composed are. Let's take a look...

Use Ratios Right

Before, Pear Cake
After Food Composed - The Rule of Thirds

You'll learn how the pro's use composition techniques to create stand out images that get noticed.

Learn how to use light

Before Learning Light
After Learning Light

Lighting plays a huge role in composition. We’ll learn how to choose the right lighting direction and how to work with shadows.

Create a powerful narrative

Before creating a powerful narrative
After Creating a Powerful Narrative

Learn how to tell your food story through your composition and styling. Learn how to avoid that "staged" look, and achieve a natural "stumbled upon" feel, giving your food photography authenticity.

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What my students have to say

"Lauren is a natural teacher and you will grow and develop in ways you didn't know were possible when you sign up for this course. I love this course! Lauren shares her food styling and composition tips in an easy to understand and engaging format. I am inspired by Lauren's instruction and have come away from this course with valuable resources and tips that can be implemented immediately."

- Lydia M. -

Meet Annelien

Meet Annelien

Annelien is a food scientist from South Africa, teaching in her own cookery school about the benefits of "living from the land".

"During the production of my cookbook I realized that I need to get myself up to speed with Food photography.

The penny had dropped and oh boy…really no jokes…The light went on for me... and I did a shoot with Tulips I got from a friend. I made myself choose 6 objects (the subject, table, chair, fabric, pan for the flowers and scissor) and simplify my layout with regards to props etc.

You helped me find and define my style."

"Great photos are born out of great compositions. Learn how to make intentional decisions about the elements in your frame, and tell a powerful story."

In Food Composed

we’ll cover the foundations of great composition step by step, before moving into advanced techniques that are going to elevate your work to the next level.

Through practical guided activities, you’ll be able to put what you’re learning into practice, and start composing creative, unique food photos.

What do you get when you enroll?
45+ Video Lesson & Resources
45+ Video Lesson & Resources

Interactive video lessons, guided activities, a comprehensive workbook and composition grids will get you putting into action what you’re learning. This course is all about taking action.

Food Composed Course Overview
Printable Comopsition Guides
Printable Composition Guides
Printable Composition Guides

I’ll teach you how to use the most powerful tools available (and go beyond the rule of thirds), so you can start harnessing the power of advanced composition techniques. Then you can print my composition guides and use them to plan every shoot.

8+ Interactive Activities
8+ Interactive Activities

Theory is great, practice is better. Each of the 6 video modules of Food Composed comes with activity lessons, to help you start putting into practice the techniques you're learning.

8 Guided Activities
Active Supportive Community
Food Composed Community
Active Supportive Community

As a member of Food Photography Academy, you'll get access to the exclusive community forum, where you get your questions answered 24/7

Get feedback on your work

To help you put what you're learning into practice, we have an "Ask for Feedback" section of the community where you can post your images for constructive criticism and feedback.

(we pride ourselves on this being a supportive environment)

What are we going to cover?
Module 1 - Design Principles

Module 1
Design Principles

We’ll start off studying the technical side of composition, analysing ratios, grids, how they work and how you can use them to bring cohesion and intention to your compositions.

These are the tools pro photographers use to compose magazine worthy photos. We’ll start with the foundations and then move onto more advanced techniques like dynamic symmetry, the golden ratio and the rule of odds, to help you craft unique, breathtaking images.

Module 2 - Frame your Food

Module 2
Framing your Food

Now it's time to go a step further looking at how you can use camera angles, negative space and shapes to bring flair to your compositions.

We’ll talk about choosing the right lens for your composition, creating the right depth of field, choosing the best focal point and much more. You’ll learn how to “feel” your images, creating work that truly excites you.

Module 3 - Using Light and Colour

Module 3
Using Light and Colour

Learn how to use light, colour and contrast to tell powerful stories in your composition. We’re taking a deep dive into light and shadows in this module, looking at how the direction of the light, and the way you manipulate it affects your photo.

We’ll also study the brightest area and the greatest area of contrast, so you can make sure your hero subject stands out in the frame.

Module 4 - Powerful Food Stories

Module 4
Creating Powerful Food Stories

Food photography is about stories and narratives. It’s through these stories that we connect with our viewer, evoking powerful emotions with our work.

In this module we'll cover how to create two types of narratives, how to choose and use props and backgrounds to create different moods, and we’ll walk through styling several food scenes.

Module 5 - Style Exploration

Module 5
Style Exploration

Ever wondered how to capture the perfect action shot? Or how to nail the dark and moody look? In this module we’ll learn exactly how to execute some of the most creative techniques to create breathtaking images.

We’ll also look at minimal styling, and how to use composition tools to create knock out minimal images with four props or less.

Workbook & Activities

Workbook & Activities

The course includes a comprehensive workbook (plus printable composition grids) and 8 creative, guided activities.

The workbook and activities will help you put into practice what you're learning in a structured way. You can then post your images in the feedback section of the community for review.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What my students have to say

"Thank you so much, I was struggling so much with front view and reflection before. Your advise and lessons are brilliant. It’s is like a live classroom session. Your instructions are clear organized and very helpful. I love how you broke down each module and explained each topic clearly without rambling. Makes it so interesting and easy to understand even for a first timer. "

- Meera N.

"I love this course! Lauren shares her food styling and composition tips  in an easy to understand and engaging format. I am inspired by Lauren's instruction and have come away from this course with valuable resources and tips that can be implemented immediately. One of my favorite parts is the Style With Me section where Lauren shows how she styles a beverage and a breakfast."

- Emily M.

"After watching your videos and being totally focused on the individual units as well as trying to see the big picture you are painting, I understand that all of these compositional techniques actually fit together in a coherent way. Not one instructor ever explained step by step how to use the compositional techniques alone or in combination. It was just images that utilized one compositional technique and then you move on to the next one. The lightbulb went on thanks to you! "

- Jane G.

Want the full breakdown?
I got you. Here you can find the full lesson for Food Composed.

Get access today, exclusively as part of Food Photography Academy

hey there, i'm lauren!

I lead an awesome community of ambitious food photographers and bloggers, where I help them understand their camera, find their style and start shooting their best work. I've taught more than 2,000 students in my courses, and as a food photographer I've built a portfolio of dream clients.

But things weren't always that way. Just a few years ago I was struggling to find my groove with food photography, shooting the same pictures again and again, feeling deflated, uninspired and frustrated.

Since implementing the techniques I'm teaching you in Food Composed, I've grown my food blog to hundreds of thousands of views a month, my Instagram following exploded to over 20k in just one year, and I landed my dream clients that allowed me to take my food photography career full time.

So whether you're a complete beginner with your food photography, or you're looking for a way to challenge yourself and take that next step in your work, Food Composed will become THE food photography masterclass that changes everything for you so join us in Food Photography Academy today and get access to Food Composed and all my other courses!

Lauren Caris Short Food Photographer Teacher


I have a full time job and don't have a lot of spare time. How many hours a week will Food Composed take?

The course is designed for you to go at your own pace. You get access to the entire course materials as soon as you join the Academy. You can spend as much or as little time as you want on each of the trainings.

How long do I have access to the course materials?

You'll have access to the course as long as your Academy membership is active. Think of it like Netlix for food photography education. You also get access to all my other food photography trainings while you're a member, so you can apply what you're leaning in Food Composed alongside other principles.

I take all my pictures on my smartphone, do I need to have a DSLR to take this course?

There's no need to have a DSLR to take this course and get a lot of value out of it, but there are some lessons that reference the use of a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

Do you offer a refund?

You bet! I'm 100% sure you're going to love this course and the Academy and get a lot of value out of it, but if for some reason you don't love it, we offer a generous 30 day refund policy. Simply email us within 30 days of enrolling in your first month of membership, and we'll refund you, no questions.

Can I find this information free online?

Yes... and no. You can find pretty much anything online, but that doesn't mean it's good quality, or what you really need. You could spend hours looking for the right techniques to get you started, and then still find it was a waste of time. Food Composed is the complete system I use to compose my own work, plus the advanced composition secrets most professionals are unwilling to share, packaged up into one convenient place for you.

I'm sharing all my composition secrets

Get access to Food Composed, and all our other Food Photography Courses, exclusively as part of Food Photography Academy